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Step-by-step app development with Applaunch
New developments in the digital world and the economy create space for ideas and new business models. Talk to our founders André and Dominik Hoffendahl about the most important new trends and your project. Find out what we are developing and how we can help your project to succeed.
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Step 1

Get in touch

We arrange an introductory meeting in which you present your app idea to us and we work out initial implementation proposals together. If you wish, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement beforehand.
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Clarification of questions and advice on the project
Getting to know each other
Estimate of effort and duration of development
Step 2

Design & Concept

We then create an app concept that serves as our 'master plan' for app development. Our app designers start their work on this basis. At the end of this step, a clickable shines in the finished design Prototype, which already gives a clear idea of ​​​​how the end result will look.
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Feedback loops and adjustments before development
Final effort estimate based on design
Visual specification reduces costs and guarantees quality
Interactive prototype
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Step 3


This is where the actual app development begins. Our experienced development team writes the code for your app, develops functions, integrates plugins and external tools and breathes life into the designs. During development, we are constantly in contact and you will receive the first testable versions.
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Step 4

Testing & Go Live

Quality assurance is one of the most important points in app development and the reason why many teams work with us and not with 'no-name' agencies. We use modern testing methods such as sonar, unit tests , E2E tests and user acceptance tests. This gives us a setup that can compete with the quality of large software houses.
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Step 5


If you wish, we can also support you after the 'GO-Live', i.e. we develop new features and carry out updates. In this way, your app will become even better over time, which in turn has a positive effect will affect user feedback and download numbers.
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At Applaunch, your app is in experienced hands

Our 52-strong development team has already developed more than 200 apps. We look forward to hearing about your project!
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