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We offer professional game development for mobile games, games for Steam and all consoles. With years of expertise and excellent game developers realize all games from Sudoku to AAA+ titles.
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Ultimate Soccer: Your mobile soccer game. App made by Applaunch
Ultimate Soccer
Gaming App Developed
by Applaunch
Game Development

For startups, founders and companies

At Applaunch we develop games for Steam, console games, browser games and mobile games. Do you have an idea for a game? We are gamers ourselves and we know what your users want.
  • Prototyping
  • High quality design
  • Qualitative Programming
  • Long term maintenance and updates
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We create games for iOS & Android and more

Our Team

Experienced Game Developers

Together with our customers, we have already implemented more than 22 gaming projects and have also launched 2 of our own games. Anyone who implements their project with us can be sure that it is in good hands .​ The app agency Applaunch has been around since 2013.
  • Development in Switzerland and Germany
  • Expertise in developing 2D, 3D and VR applications
  • Transparent and understandable offers
  • Prototype Development
Dominik Hoffendahl,
Dominik Hoffendahl
CEO & Lead Engineer
Deepak Malhan, team.role.partner
Deepak Malhan
The recipe for a successful game

What makes a good game?

UI/UX Game Design Icon

UI/UX Game Design

We believe that gameplay is always more important than design and graphics. Nevertheless, we have graphic artists and designers on our team who design your game so convincingly that your users will love it. It doesn't matter whether it's 3D models or normal 2D graphics, together with you we create the concept and design for your gaming idea step by step. But always keep in mind, gameplay is more important than design.
Gameplay & Idea Icon

Gameplay & Idea

Currently, the latest trend is to revive games from the 80s and 90s. As mentioned above, you can see that the game idea and gameplay are more important than the design . Our team is an expert in the field of mobile gaming because we were all gamers ourselves and still are. We get the most out of your good ideas. We know when a game will be a slow seller and when it will be a hit. We build your game that way that it can be as successful as possible. Balancing is also important so that the game doesn't become too easy or too difficult.
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As soon as a mobile game triggers a kind of addiction factor, you hardly have to worry about monetization. There are endless possibilities how you can ask the user to pay without to scare them away. In the newer games, for example, additional content is awarded if you watch a short video. However, the user does not have to do this, unlike in the old games where advertising is constantly appearing. This way you don't annoy the customer and still get it additional income. What we mean by that is, we find the right revenue stream for every game.
User Binding Icon

User Binding

We always try to create mobile games in such a way that they bind the user in the long term and they keep coming back and wanting to continue. That is enormously important. Most successful games are They try to make the user feel like they're going higher and higher, but in reality a game in which the enemies and weapons are getting stronger and stronger is always the same difficulty.

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