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Development of virtual reality and augmented reality apps, as well as 3D visualizations - we offer you many years of expertise from professional game engine developers.
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The "Möbel" App: Your interieur designer. App made by Applaunch
The Furniture App
Mixed Reality App Developed
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Virtual Reality Development

VR / AR solutions developed by an experienced team

In the last 10 years we have been able to implement a large number of virtual and augmented reality projects with industrial companies, medical professionals and technology startups.

With our individual With the solutions we have developed, we enable your customers to experience your products in a new way. Our apps are always specially tailored to your application, so that we can create an outstanding user experience and optimize processes to the maximum.

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Ringier AG
DENSO Automotive
I/BE Optics
TX Group AG

Augmented Reality Development

We develop augmented reality apps for iOS and Android devices. The displayed objects, which are displayed in the real world using the app via smartphone and tablet cameras, can be interactive and mobile.
  • For iOS and Android
  • For phones and tablets
  • Web AR
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Virtual Reality Development

Dive into a virtual world. Our team creates virtual worlds with a high degree of immersion. Our goal is to make the virtual world appear as real as possible.
  • For all common VR headsets and HMDs
  • Maximum Immersion
  • From conception to programming
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Our VR & AR Projects

 Ultimate Soccer
 Need No Speed
 Virtual Fighter
 MRI Essentials
VR / AR App Development

How our virtual and augmented reality agency works

1: Get in touch

Get in touch

Video call or meeting with our team. Also initial feedback and rough estimate of effort.
2: Design & Concept

Design & Concept

Brainstorming on different ideas. Creation of interface designs for the VR/AR application.
3: VR / AR Development

VR / AR Development

Ongoing communication between you and our development team
4: App Release

App Release

Go live & handover. If desired, adjustments and ongoing support, development of additional features.
Our Team

Have VR / AR solutions developed

Together with our customers, we have implemented a total of over 22 VR / AR and gaming projects. Anyone who implements their project with us can be sure that it is in good hands.​ The app agency Applaunch has been around since 2013.
  • Development in Switzerland and Germany
  • Expertise in developing VR, AR and 3D applications
  • Transparent and comprehensible offers
  • Prototype Development
Dominik Hoffendahl, team.role.ceo
Dominik Hoffendahl
CEO & Lead Engineer
Deepak Malhan, team.role.partner
Deepak Malhan
Our offer

From Concept to Long-Term Maintenance

Augmented reality Icon

Augmented reality

Augmented Reality uses the real reality around us and places certain virtual components in it. The best example is the Pokemon Go app. You see a virtual monster in the real world. Here you can an unbelievable number of possibilities for almost every industry. For example, we once had a project in which we were able to display virtual machines in real life. For our customer, this was the perfect solution to present his products "live" to potential customers.
Virtual Reality Icon

Virtual Reality

What does that mean? Virtual reality puts the user in a virtual space. The difference to "augmented reality" is that real reality is not used anymore. VR is a completely virtual space that does not interact with reality. Except for the fact that the user's movement is transferred to the player in the virtual space. Otherwise everything you see is "fake".
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VR / AR Design Icon

VR / AR Design

Designs and graphics are almost more important in VR & AR development than the development itself. The development basically just puts the graphics in the limelight and makes sure that they are "plastic ". We have real specialists in our team who create outstanding graphics and 3D models for all requirements. Write to us and we will be happy to show you individual work that will blow your mind.
VR / AR Development Icon

VR / AR Development

As mentioned above, the development itself is heavily dependent on the models and graphics. The technology behind it is actually quite simple and "standardized" which allows you to be creative at your leisure We love VR and AR projects and are always happy when we can start new, exciting projects.

Our Technology Stack

We take care of the needs of our customers. That's why we rely on state-of-the-art technology to realize our projects within the virtual space.
Web AR
Web AR
Open CV
Open CV
Unity Engine
Unity Engine
Apple ARKit
Apple ARKit
Unity XR Toolkit
Unity XR Toolkit
HTC Vive
HTC Vive
Oculus VR
Oculus VR
Google ARCore
Google ARCore
Steam VR
Steam VR
Web VR
Web VR